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A Cup of Mint Tea, Vol 4 (Short Stories to Warm the Heart)

Compassion, Brotherhood, and Other Short Stories

Iman Abdallah Al-Qaisi
Zayd Publications
Suitable age:
10 - Adults
Colorful Laminated Card Cover
5.5" x 8.5" x 0.3"
0.38 LBs

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Product Description

“For those lost in the waves of life, searching for glimpses of hope and guidance… for those walking towards the path to Allah (SWT), desperate for a rescue rope… for those overwhelmed by the fast pace of life, searching for a soothing sip of tea... ”

A Cup of Mint Tea
is a collection of short stories to rekindle your spirit, warm your heart, and nurture your soul, perhaps best read while relaxing on the couch with a cup of tea in hand. Beyond the captivating stories, the associated thought-provoking lessons provide unique analyses that are sure to prompt mindful contemplation.

In this book, you will find factual stories from time periods ancient to present, yet all encompass timeless lessons for an ageless readership. They are inspirational stories with lessons to reflect upon throughout the day, and are surely to become a refreshing cup of inspiration, a sip of motivation, and a whole pot of reflection.

Welcome, you are just in time to enjoy A Cup of Mint Tea …

Stories Included in This Book:
  • A Lesson in Humility
  • The Anonymous Helper
  • The Mystery Worshipper
  • One Spoonful
  • 99 Murders
  • Catching the Fish
  • The Missing Finger
  • Marketplace Greetings
  • The Emperor’s Rock
  • Rescuing a Sinner
  • The Story of Abraham
  • Sarah’s Journey Through Egypt
  • The Pilgrimage
  • The Visit for God
  • The Loyal Friend

Reader’s Reviews

“A Cup of Mint Tea is the kind of book you can read and re-read time and time again and always feel renewed. There is something to learn on nearly every page of this book, especially lessons that you can incorporate into your everyday life. This is a book, not only for those who want to be entertained, but even moreso for those who want to improve themselves.
These stories have no age limit; old and young can benefit from the lessons A Cup of Mint Tea has to offer. Broken up into short stories, this book makes it easy for everyone with a busy schedule to have their own personal study circle just by reading a few pages at a time. Whether you read it to your children before bedtime or flip through a few pages on your own, this book should be on everyone’s shelf and in everyone’s heart!” – Aisha Zeben

A Cup of Mint Tea is an attractive and gentle introduction to Islamic Teachings, especially invaluable as a resource for non-Muslims and new Muslims, In'sha-Allah. As someone who embraced Islam several years ago, I remember how important it was to me that Islam was presented in kind and non-threatening terms. The stories reach out to those who might be sensitive or unsure. I highly recommend this series as a beautiful introduction to those interested in exploring the teachings of Islam.” – Sumaiya Gavell

“When I looked at the cover of this story, I knew it was going to be one of my favorite books. It is my favorite book I've ever read. I am so excited for number two.” – Hamzah Wasfy Hamad, Age 7

“I have been looking for a book not just to read for fun, but one that teaches lessons. Children may not listen when parents tell them things, but these books teach lessons in a story form that sink deep into the soul to help them form their own morals and values.” – Darla Abu-Shanab

“I read it 3 times so far and each time I found some thing new to learn. The stories are so beautiful and full of meanings. You'll find it hard to pick which one is better or stronger. I recommend this book for us first and for our beautiful children next.” – Ghada Hasan

“Touching … Loved the simple, yet deep, mind-provoking stories.” – Rahaf Khatib

“Lovely book, Good insight!” – Karen Thompson Samman

“I couldn’t put it down … It's ezactly what I need.” – Huda Fahmy

“Purchase the book, I promise you won’t regret it!” – Doaa Jasim

“I have just finished reading A Cup of Mint Tea. What a wonderful book it is. It was a quick read, perfect for young readers as well, yet very thought provoking. I loved the book so much I bought an additional 5 copies for my family members. JAK” – Shreen Marini